Charlie the RedCat…
What may be the funniest thing about Charlie the RedCat is that the original painting was meant to be the one and only. I figured that if a guy can paint a picture of his dog blue, then why can’t I paint a portrait of my cat red? My focus up until that time had been on sports art and I had developed a steady following with it. But a funny thing happened on the way to the easel. The calls kept coming in for Charlie the RedCat.
In fact, the day after I painted that first RedCat a lady came into the gappery and “just had to have one!”. She commissioned a smaller version. The very next day it happened again. Another commission! I told my wife “I think I’m on to something”. That was an understatement. Nearly seven years and over 400 Charlie the RedCat paintings later, I hardly have time to watch sports on TV let alone draw or paint it!

Although Charlie the RedCat paintings are often designed to be funny, the collectors take him very seriously. One of then told me that his RedCat is hanging between his Max and his Warhol. To be in that company is more than even Charlie himself could imagine.

~Jim Tweedy